09/09/09 (B515) — The report Deberkalleh in English (continued – ENG 3 -) unexplained murders among opponents IOG and persons involved in illegal trafficking.

Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l’assassinat des vieillards et d’enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l’article – 2005)

English version
of Deberkalleh « report »

Part 2

unexplained murders among

opponents IOG and persons
involved in illegal trafficking.

The complete file
In this chapter,

we will study the cases of « murder » that were never resolved in Djibouti.

This work will reinforce the suspicions against Ismael Omar Guelleh and his regime.

July 1991: the violent death of Deputy Director of the SDS, said Mohamed Idriss Karaf.

During the evening when the murder was committed, is the current Director General, Security, Hassan Said Hassan Kaireh said Madobeh who was constantly in his office. Immediately informed of the assault, he gave the order to transfer the victim still alive at the Peltier hospital and not to Bouffard Hospital, as is the case when it comes to high – officials.

He visited the site. He stayed with the duty doctor and nurses and has been collecting the last words of the wounded just before his death: « I know who killed me ».

Some observers believe he was murdered because he had close relations with certain foreign powers present in Djibouti.

1993: the violent death of pharmacist Mohamed Yacine (rest his soul).

He was murdered in his villa in the presence of his wife, now a refugee in Canada,

The young pharmacist managed the pharmacy « Pharmacy independence. After his death, the pharmacy was sold to Dr. Saad, who is a nominee because it still belongs to IOG underhand.

At the time he was Chief of Staff of Gouled, the pharmacy was placed under his direct control. IOG was used to collect funds to finance Somali militias of the USF and to pay the costs of missions as agents of the SDS performed either Djibouti or abroad (Ethiopia – Eritrea – Somalia – Europe).

1998: the assassination of Sheiko
The late Mohamed Sheiko (the Good God receives in his eternal paradise. Amin.) Was assassinated in Ward 3 in the presence of a woman. The first observations were made by the police under the command of Colonel Ahmed Yonis who said that Mohamed Sheiko died a natural death.

Despite this and based on evidence they had received, parents and friends have requested that an autopsy be performed to Bouffard Hospital. But their request was rejected because some close family and government have preferred to bury the dead quickly, without trying to discover the truth.

A few days later, the woman (accomplice), who was present when Sheiko died suddenly left the country to take refuge in Hargeisa in Somaliland. In December 2003, she was killed by police bullets and somalilandaise is still looking for his killer.


List of victims who died a violent death and unexplained Djibouti usually in the triangle formed by the Arta road, the road to Venice and the Palace of L’Escale).

All the victims had met at one time or another, close relations with Ismail Omar Guelleh. Moreover, by their political, military or administrative, they all had access to « sensitive information » that could compromise or acknowledge the current occupant of the Palais de l’Escale in Djibouti:

1) Major Hamadou, Aide to former President Gouled and cousin of Prime Minister Barkat Gourad Hamadou. This officer esteemed President Gouled died in a car accident on the road to Arta. Officially it would be a failure of the brakes of his car? It was very intimate with the military attache of the Presidency.

2) Major Dahaiyeh officer of the presidential guard. He was shot by two mercenaries on the road to Arta. The police investigation did not reveal any details about the killing (unofficially he was killed by bandits). He was welcome in some foreign embassies in Djibouti. Major Dahaiyeh was a former policeman in the colonial and he knew the Borrel case. Did he go with a French investigative journalist on the day of his death?

3) The judge Dabayak.
According to some informants, but the version is challenged, he died of cardiac arrest in Ethiopia (Nazareth). A few days before his death, he had coffee with the editor of this report. Dabayak was well known, too, the judge Bernard Borrel, as a colleague. It followed very closely the investigation into her murder. (*)

Indeed, witnesses say the judge fled to Canada where he currently lived.

(*) Given the friendly relations that existed between the author of this report and Judge, A. Deberkalleh would love to hear from him personal, he is still alive. Write to equipe@ardhd.org which transmit

4) Jaga-Bida was NCO in the SDS. He also died at home of cardiac arrest. It was both the messenger and confidant of President Ismael Omar Guelleh. His appearance to suggest he was an idiot and he occasionally played the role of court jester. In reality it was the precious « messenger » IGO. He knew everything that was plotting for the Presidency for years. But especially, it also informs the General Yacine Yabeh Galab on the activities of IGOs.

After the failed coup of the latter, the SDS has discovered the double game he had carried for years and has informed the President Guelleh. Shortly after he died …

5) Meraneh was a member of the athletics official to Djibouti and the Social Benefit Fund of Djibouti (CPS). He too died of cardiac arrest on the way to Venice when he was with a woman of « low morals ».

This young officer was a fierce opponent of the policy IOG. Very close to « politically » for a senior Djiboutian with which he was preparing a rebellion « army » in the south. His death was seen as a warning to his friends so they do not try to cross the yellow line.

6) The murder of the former owner of the hotel Menelik, Ayalew with the complicity of his wife Mrs. Kabadeshe. Before her marriage to the hotel, this woman was the mistress of Guelleh. She operated a licensed bar for serving alcohol, which belonged to IOG. Thanks to his talent (?), She had obtained a permit to Djibouti on the recommendation of IOG who combined the duties of Chief of Staff of the President with the high-security official Djibouti.

After being sentenced by Justice Djibouti murder, Ms. Kabadeshe was released by presidential pardon long before he finished serving his entire sentence. From the investigation it was proved that the death of the landlord Ayalew was linked to his refusal to sell the hotel has a close relative of IOG. The wife agreed to make the sale but the Ethiopian Bank had issued a veto.

Today is the killer who inherited the hotel.

7 °) The murder of an Italian citizen, defenestrated the top floor of the hotel ALI-SABIEH.

That evening, on the scene, two people were present: Mario (the victim) a man of Italian origin and Hassan Saleh of Eritrean origin, ex-member of the EPLF Both men worked on behalf of Guelleh’s brother, now deceased, Idriss Omar Guelleh as commission agents.

This investigation is being conducted (as happened often in the suspicious deaths) in the Force Colonel Ahmed Yonis (of Sudanese origin). As usual, he found a suicide under the influence of alcohol.

According to our information sources, the Italian victim came to claim his commission Idriss Omar Guelleh to the contract signed with the Italian company for importing and burying or dumping of toxic waste on the territory of the Republic of Djibouti.

8 °) Idriss Farah AbanehMinister of Interior is dead, too, of cardiac arrest. The Minister did not IOG, the Chief of Staff. On many occasions he had requested his removal to Hassan Gouled. During each altercation he had with IGO, he never failed to qualify for refugee and he threatened to be repatriated in Dire-Dawa. The Minister was a permanent danger for IOG and Hassan Gouled (native healer).

9 °) Mohamed Djama Elabeh, Had been Minister of Finance and of Education before resigning from office.

According to relatives he had died from poisoning. His pet peeves, and IOG were Hassan Gouled. With a strong reputation within the population, it was an obstacle to policy Hassan Gouled and a very credible competitor for its dolphin Ismael Omar Guelleh. Guelleh had little chance of being elected to the highest office against this opponent very popular and well established politically.

His death was as arranging career IGO …

In conclusion:

Given the number of its inhabitants, it is likely that the Republic of Djibouti holds the world record « deaths and suicides » and unexplained natural « since June 27, 1977. The victims are almost all opponents of the regime or those involved in bribery and illegal trafficking.

Everyone remembers the first victim of Djibouti, on the shore of Loyada (death by strangulation of Janaleh … Coincidentally, Aden Robleh was present that day, too …?

Is it also coincidence that Guelleh recently accused him, in an article in « Jeune Afrique l’Intelligent » the death of judge Bernard Borrel in Djibouti in October 1995??