12/08/08 (B460) Yémen (Yemen News Agency (saba).- Cinq terroristes tués et deux capturés avec des armes et des explosifs. Deux agents de sécurité ont aussi perdu la vie dans l’accrochage. (En Anglais)

Two security soldiers are reported dead and other three injured on Monday during their chasing of terrorist elements in Hadhramout governorate which resulted in the killing of five terrorists and arrest of two possessing many weapons and explosives.

Hadhramout governor Salem al-Khanbashi said to Saba that the incident occurred in Tareem city while the security soldiers were performing their tasks of chasing a wanted group of seven.

The security bodies were chasing the terrorist group whose individuals were hidden in one of houses from which they exchanged fire with security bodies resulted to the death of two solders and three injured.