15/08/08 (B460) Press TV Les combats violents continuent en Somalie – L’Ethiopie a appelé le Président du GNT pour organiser une conférence / Heavy clashes continue in Somalia (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

A new series of clashes in Somalia have claimed lives of at least 18 people as daily fighting continues on the Horn of African country.

At least seven Somali soldiers were killed in the fighting with Lower Shabelle region forces in Merka town, Press TV correspondent said on Thursday.

The fighting started as about 100 soldiers who defected the Somali army wanted to enter the Merka town and the Lower Shabelle region forces forced them to disarm.

In another incident, heavy explosions in a street near Aden Adde Airport in south Mogadishu killed at least six Somali presidential guards and five civilians.

Earlier, Ethiopia called Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Premier Nur Hassan Hussein and the parliament speaker for a meeting to resolve the country’s issues.

The explosions also damaged one car of president’s group on the way to the airport.

Hundreds of soldiers closed the street of Aden Adde International Airport because of explosions.

In another attack, three Ethiopian military vehicles were destroyed in Lower Shabelle on Thursday.