26/08/08 (B462) Les milices du clan Hiraale subissent des pertes importantes, sous le feu des forces islamiques (au moins 10 morts et 31 prisonniers). Hiiraale’s (*) militia suffers heavy loss (En Anglais – Info et note d’un lecteut)

Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) fighters have killed ten members of Barre Hiiraale’s militia, while taking 31 others into captivity.

The fighting broke out Sunday in an area between Gedo region and Jirme district as UIC fighters chased the militiamen who had fled to the region a day earlier, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Following the defeat Barre Hiiraale’s men moved to an unknown location.

On Saturday, the militiamen exchanged heavy fire with ICU forces in the Afkala Haya disctrict and at a check point leading to Afmadow killing 23 people. They were then forced to flee to the Gedo region.

The transitional federal government’s former defense minister Barre Adan Shire Hiiraale is not popular in Somalia as the death of thousands of people is blamed on his clan.

Somalia is currently considered the most unstable country in the world and has suffered the effects of civil war for the last 30 years. The current infighting is largely between the transitional federal government and its allied Ethiopian troops in Somalia and the Islamic Courts Union.

(*) Note de notre lecteur : Barre Hiiraale fait partie des Marrehan, qui est une sous fraction de la tribu Darod. Mohamed Siad Barre était Marrehan. Gado est dans la région de Marrehan.

Cela n’a rien à voir avec la region de Kismayo, qui est habitee majoritairement par les Dir minoritairement par des Ogaden.

La bataille de Kismayo est avant tout une guerre économique.