29/08/08 (B463) Shabelle / Plusieurs membres du Parlement somalien condamne l’Ethiopie en lui demandant de respecter la souveraineté somalienne et ne pas se mêler des affaires intérieures.. MPs animatedly condemn Ethiopia Government (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Several Somali MPs have slammed Ethiopian government over unswerving interventions against Somali politics.

Scores of Somali MPs have started to hold special sessions in the south-western town of Baidoa to deliberate the mediation efforts of Somali’s transitional Government leaders led by Ethiopian government leaders which they see as “intervention”.

Some reports say that following the two top government officials have agreed at Addis Ababa talks they’ve started to use some MP’s as their political actors in the face of the other side.

One of the MPs not in favor of Ethiopia Abdi Said known as “Jiniboqor” says that it was unbearable Ethiopia to dictate the government leaders for their own political routes.

“It was deplorable that heads of government to be dictated for what they would act in their country’s politics” Jiniboqor said.

Another MP Mohamed Osman Maye has urged Ethiopia government to be in awe of the sovereignty of Somalia as well to avoid further interventions.

“Please stay out your neighbor’s politics as sovereignty” Maye said.