08/09/08 (B464) Shabelle. Le « préfet de police » (traduction ARDHD de ce terme sans garantie sur l’exactitude) de Berdale annonce qu’il va rejoindre les unités islamiques, car le GNT courre à la catastrophe et qu’il veut dénoncer les exécutions massives commises par les troupes éthiopiennes. Somali commissioner says he joins to the Islamists.

The transitional Government commissioner Of Berdale district, Bay region has announced that he would united with the Islamists saying that the government is doomed to failure.

Mr. Yonis Mo,alin Mohamed has told Shabelle that motivation forced him to join to the Islamists for the “mass murder” that the Ethiopian troops commit in the neighborhood he manages.

“They kill whoever they want, when they come here they kill dozens, they don’t recognize whether any administration works in the district” Mohamed said.

The commissioner’s remarks come following the Ethiopian troops have shot dead up to 20 civilians in Bardale on Friday.

The corpses of these innocent people killed by the Ethiopian troops were accumulated from the area and buried on Saturday morning while the wounded ones were rushed to Baidoa town hospital for treatment.

These Ethiopian troops were in traveling in convoy and heading to their own mother land Abyssinia after they were attacked by the Islamic Courts Union forces.

For the past few days convoys of Ethiopian military were seen going towards the frontier town of Dolo district on Ethiopia border.

Ethiopian forces have a history in Somalia of firing on civilians in response to attacks by insurgents.

The Ethiopian Army invaded Somalia in late 2006 to rescue Somalia’s embattled transitional government and oust an Islamist government which brought the first semblance of rule to large parts of the country.

The Islamists have since reverted to guerrilla warfare and have been targeting Somali government forces and Ethiopian troops almost daily as well as occasionally clashing with African Union peacekeepers.

Civilians have borne the brunt of the brutal conflict. According to international rights groups and aid organizations which have condemned both sides for violence against civilians, at least 6,000 have died over the past year.