14/10/08 (B469) Shabelle : des parlementaires somaliens se rendent à Nairobi pour la Conférence organisée par l’IGAD, dont l’ordre du jour n’est pas encore connu. // Somali MPs head to Nairobi- sources (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Several members of the Somali parliament led by the speaker Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nor flew out to Nairobi where IGAD asked the government ministers to arrive in for consultation talks.

The speaker has taken to the air from Baidoa town airport on Sunday accompanying by members of the parliament.

Sources close to Sheikh Aden say that it’s due to participate the conference that would be held in Nairobi by IGAD member countries.

The speaker earlier told Shabelle that he wasn’t inform on the subject of the IGAD invitation.

Dozens of MPs have earlier gone to Nairobi for security reasons in the town Baidoa that serves as temporary base of the government.

Its yet unknown the agendas of the conference that IGAD regional organization has invited to the Somalia’s transitional government.