21/10/08 (B470-B) Shabelle / Des combats entre les milices d’Al Shabbab et celles de l’UIC dans la ville de Balad. // Islamists militiamen clash in Somali town (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Fighting has broken out in the southern town of Balad between Alshabaab and the Islamic courts union fighters according to residents.

The two sides exchanged gunfire in the midst of the town.

Some residents in the town say that the fighting started following armed teenage men loyal to the Islamic courts union opened fire on Alshabaab men vehicle that was passing in the town sparking heavy gunfire that killed one nearby civilian man.

The reports say that the UIC backed men fled the area to Afgoi.

Balad locates 37km north of Mogadishu

It’s the first such incident between UIC and Alshabaab happened in Somalia.

The situation of the town is calm as the residents are speculating different view on what caused the clash within the Islamists.