15/10/08 (B469-B) Press TV / Des violences en Somalie causent la mort de 41 personnes. // Somali violence leaves 41 dead (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Chaos and violence dominates conflict-torn Somalia

At least 41 people, including Ethiopian soldiers have been killed in heavy clashes, as violence continues to dominate war-torn Somalia.

In the town of Baidoa, 250 kilometers southeast the capital Mogadishu, heavily armed insurgents fired mortars at two military bases in the region, killing at least 20 Ethiopian soldiers and seriously injuring 35 others, Press TV correspondent in Somalia reported on Wednesday.

The Ethiopians reacted by shelling residential areas, which left at least 11 civilians dead.

Meanwhile, early in the morning, an ambush attack on another military base in the same town left at least 10 Somali government soldiers dead and a dozen others injured.

Somalia has been plagued by almost uninterrupted civil unrest after the 1991 toppling of dictator Mohammed Siad Barre and has had no effective central rule ever since.

Chaos and violence dominates the East African country with an especially fierce insurgency going on in Mogadishu.