31/10/08 (B471-B) Press TV : un responsable de la Police échappe à un attentat dans lequel six de ses gardes du corps ont perdu la vie. Somali police chief flees insurgent raid (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

A Somali deputy police commander has escaped an insurgent attack that killed six of his guards south of the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

The abortive attack had targeted the deputy police commander of the Medina and Dharkenley districts. Abdullahi Ali Yari had been the target of the attack on his office, a Press TV correspondent in Somalia reported.

He, however, escaped unharmed while the insurgents killed six of his guards near the office which had reportedly been targeted 19 times over the past three months.

The commander’s precinct has been the site of recurrent insurgent raids.

Besides police stations, Ethiopian bases are the regular target of the insurgents who have refused to stop resistance based on a recent peace agreement that will supposedly see a phased withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Somalia.

In 2006, Ethiopia intervened to help Somalia’s embattled Transitional Federal Government. Ever since, the country has been the scene of the troops’ unceasing struggle against runaway insurgency.