03/11/08 (B472) Shabelle Samedi dernier, de violents combats dans la ville somali de Shilabo située dans la région somalienne de l’Ethiopie ont opposé les combattants de l’opposition et les forces armées éthiopiennes. Heavy fighting erupted in Ethiopia’s Somali region. (En Anglais – Info lectrice)

Heavy fighting has been taking place in the Somali town of Shilabo in Somali region of Ethiopia between forces belonging to guerilla fighters and Ethiopian troops later on Saturday.

Residents in the town, say that fighting took place for most of the day.

The fighting started when guerilla fighters attacked an Ethiopian tank entered in Alemoo village of Shilabo.

Residents were quoted as saying there had been bullets everywhere and the fighting had been extremely intense.

The battle in Shilabo is the latest in a string of fights that guerilla groups want to gain Somalia’s region in Ethiopia for full independence from Ethiopia regime

Correspondents say independent information on the situation in Shilabo is difficult because radio contact has been severed.

Since the government started devolving power and money to the component parts of the Ethiopian federation, Somali region has become finally acquiring the trappings that go with its status.

Many of the people in the area are nomads, living by rearing and trading their animals.

Now they dare not move their flocks to get them to market.

If other supplies are not getting through, those who do have animals can at least survive by going back to the traditional nomadic way of life, living on the meat and milk their herds provide.

As ever, it is the poorest who are suffering most, those who have no animals to support them.