03/12/08 (B476-B) Shabelle : Le premier Ministre somalien souhaite que les troupes éthiopiennes d’occupation restent dans le pays. Dans une interview qu’il a donnée à Associated Press, il lance un appel à la communauté internationale pour annuler la décision de retrait de l’Ethiopie. // Somalia’s premier wants Ethiopian troops to stay (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Somali prime minister says he hopes Ethiopia won’t withdraw its troops from Somalia unless there is an international peacekeeping force to replace them.

Nur Hassan Hussein says he wants the United Nations and international community to "avoid the vacuum" and send peacekeepers to back the country’s shaky transitional government.

Nur Hassan Hussein was speaking Tuesday with The Associated Press.

The Somali prime minister says his country has been torn apart by a long civil war and cannot stop piracy alone.

Nur Hassan Hussein says the piracy problem "is part of the legacy of the situation of the country. This 18 years of civil war is followed by disorder."

Hussein said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press in Nairobi, Kenya, that stopping piracy is "not something Somalia can do alone. This needs a tremendous effort."

Ethiopia has said it will pull its troops out next month.

The Ethiopians have been in Somalia since December 2006, and drove out an Islamic administration that seized control of southern Somalia and the capital. But the Islamist insurgency has grown again and now controls all of southern Somalia except for Mogadishu.