11/12/08 (B477) Shabelle : Des combats en Ethiopie entren les forces gouvernementale et les milices de l’ONLF font 10 morts. //Ethiopia: Fighting Between Govt Soldiers And ONLF Kills 10 (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Wardher — At least ten people were killed and dozens were injured after Ethiopian soldiers and Ogaden Liberation Front (ONLF) fought in Dannod district, Wardher region in eastern Ethiopia, Radio Shabelle correspondent reported on Wednesday.

The fighting started after Ethiopian soldiers attacked ONLF fighters that were attending Eid-Al-Adha prayers on Monday.

Residents said the saw wounded Ethiopian soldiers treated in Wardher hospital.
The Ethiopian troops in the region have reportedly hampered the circulation of the traffic and shut businesses to restrict the movement of ONLF.

ONLF rebles are ethnic somalis fighting for independence from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian military is involved wars in the Horn of Africa region that could hurt the development in the region