07/09/09 (B515) Rapport Deberkalleh – En Anglais – N°ENG 2

Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l’assassinat des vieillards et d’enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l’article – 2005)

English version
of Deberkalleh « report »

Part 2

The criminal cases
Ismael Omar Guelleh
is involved in Djibouti and abroad

1) Period 1986-1987. Ismael Omar Guelleh is involved in smuggling ivory.

A boat from Mombassa (Kenya), carrying a large consignment of elephant tusks (belonging to a wealthy merchant Issak the city of Hargeisa) had been intercepted by customs at the port of Djibouti (Excise Department).

Its cargo, detained in port is prohibited from sale under international conventions. Despite the seals affixed by order of the Ministry of Justice Djibouti, all cargo was volatilised. In reality, it was sold to a Chinese company from HONG KONG via Robleh Olhayeh, current ambassador to Djibouti to the United Nations in New York, with the complicity of the deceased Idriss Omar Guelleh, brother of the Current president of Djibouti.

(See the end of this report, copies of administrative documents issued by the Djiboutian authorities. They prove complicity « to hijack » in this case …)

2) 1988: toxic waste are dumped into the Gulf of Tadjoura

Ismael Omar Guelleh as « nominee » of her late brother Idriss Omar Guelleh, has signed with an Italian company a major contract (estimated at several tens of million U.S. $) for the recovery of « toxic industrial waste » ( coming from Europe and especially Italy and the countries of the former Soviet bloc) and storage underground or under water, particularly in the Afar region of Djibouti (GOUBET region, and Tadjourah Obock region).

At certain times of the year, we discovered on the shore, thousands of tonnes of fish died. They floated the belly up for no apparent reason.

Until now, the Djiboutian government has always refused to open an investigation into the environmental scourge. It is a catastrophe for the region. Many suspect that the presence of radioactive barrels that have been immersed in this region.

Under pressure from European media and nongovernmental organizations, the contract was eventually terminated.

3) February 1989: trafficking arms to Somalia

Ismael Omar Guelleh made contact with a company selling arms Austrian « Scorpion International Ltd. » one of whose leaders Kosntantinos Defermos is within the scope of an extradition request issued by the Greek Government through Interpol Europe. This is a purchase of arms valued at U.S. $ 11 million.

This case is handled and negotiated directly by the deceased brother of President Idriss Omar Guelleh and the current director of security Djiboutian Hassan Said Hassan said Khaireh Madhobeh, A part of this armament was certainly intended to arm the militia in Somalia Issa North (USF). The other part was stored in a secret location.

4) May 1989: Traffic Alcohol

Ismael Omar Guelleh owned a company « X » who was selling untaxed alcohol, with the complicity of the free-shop port of Djibouti. Her manager Nina, Métis Italo-Eritrean had screened this illicit trade. Subsequently Ismael Omar Guelleh told a small part of the sale of alcohol to the family of Salah Mouth who undertook the re-export to Yemen and Saudi Arabia through the Strait of Bab-el-Mandab on small dhows.

The largest quantity was sold in blotter several Djiboutian traders: Fratacci, Coskal, Marill and Superette Bambiss ( Airport Road), with the tacit approval given by the former Prime Minister Barkat Gourad Hamadou who accumulated this function at the time with the Minister of the port. He also took his share of commission.

The benefits were substantial (import tariffs ranging from about 30% to 70%), as well as those institutions that sold them the same alcohol at a high price was the French Army and other foreign troops based in Djibouti. The traffic continues at the port of Djibouti, but now a larger scale.

Some time later, Ismael Omar Guelleh mortgaged buildings his company to buy from banks loans for construction of tenements at Heron (next to Cash Center). They sold them since.

As the value of collateral was well below the loan amount requested, IOG has lobbied the recorder of mortgages to modify the priority of mortgages. Of course, the company « X » Ismael Omar Guelleh went bankrupt.

As bankruptcy has not been deemed fraudulent by the Djiboutian justice, banks have recorded a significant loss is estimated at 5 billion francs Djibouti.

5) May 1990: new arms trafficking

Ismael Omar Guelleh has diverted a large shipment of weapons valued at several million U.S. $ with the complicity of the general Fathi and Zakharia Sheik Omar colonels and Boo (brother-IGO) and Soubagleh (brother of Omar trader Fianeh). From Iraq, they were intended to equip the Djibouti army (AND). Until now nobody is able to say what happened to his arms, but they are certainly not lost for everybody …

6) September 1990: the bombing of the Cafe de Paris

Ismael Omar Guelleh could be the sponsor of the bombing of the Cafe de Paris. The dossier submitted by the Djiboutian authorities after the attack was in fact a maneuver aimed at poisoning the French government.

7) November 1990 (Dire-Dawa)

During 1989, there was internal dissension within the politico-military organization called: Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF) one of whose co-founders and the historical and charismatic leader from the community Issa of Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia called Colonel Hamud Ahmed Farah better known by the name of Hamud Langadeh (Hamud, the lame), now deceased. Peace to his soul and that God receives it in his eternal paradise, Amin.

This officer had decided to negotiate with President Mengistu Haile Mariam’s final return to Ethiopia in Dire-Dawa, which he originated.

After signing agreements « political » with the Derg regime, the president Mengistu was appointed Governor or Rasse-Gaisser (politically strategic position) throughout the region of Dire-Dawa.

For this he had to remove Hussein Ismael, nephew of Guelleh, who held this position for two years.

A few days after the arrival of Hamud Langadeh in Dire-Dawa, just before taking office, he was murdered « coldly and brutally » by three mercenaries in his car parked outside his hotel. He was with two other friends who were in his car. These two gentlemen called Abdillahi Doualeh Ilayeh (died the same day, rest his soul and may God receive her into eternal paradise. Amin.) Moussa and Mohamed Aw-Guelleh (severely wounded, he still has serious consequences). The latter lives in Addis Ababa.

It is important to note that Hamud Langadeh objected « strongly » to the policy of interference and destabilizing sponsored by current President Ismael Omar Guelleh and former President Hassan Gouled Aptidon from Issa Somalis and Ethiopians. He knew well these two gentlemen and he still refused based on their political injustice with the support of all Mafiosi tribal region.

Returning to Hussein Ismael. Some time later, the Derg regime was imprisoned under charges of corruption of public goods and sent to prison Harrar. He was released a few months later, when the EPRDF took power in Addis Ababa after an intervention by President Gouled and his Chief of Staff IOG.

Since he took refuge in Djibouti under the protection of « Diplomatic » Ismael Omar Guelleh who is his maternal uncle. He lives comfortably for several years with a salary of senior Djibouti. The Administration has made available a villa and a car. All expenses are paid monthly by Osman Moussa, Minister of Presidential Affairs in order to IOG.

Why?? By what right, the alien can enjoy all these favors??.

Answer: Hussein Ismael cash dividends of his felony. He is thanked for the missions he has performed for Gouled and IOG in the region. At the time of the assassination of the late Colonel Langadeh Hamud, he was one of the officials ‘political’ in Dire-Dawa. The vacancy in the office of governor was an advantage for himself and Ismael Omar Guelleh in the implementation of its regional policy.

Ismael Hussein undoubtedly knows perfectly or the sponsors of this assassination « despicable and sordid, but it will not remain unpunished. Inshallah. Amin.

8 ) in February 1991: 60 Ethiopian Afar killed in cold blood

General Zakharia Sheik obeyed an order to IOG, by organizing the mass murder of sixty people from Afar but Ethiopian nationality. These activists Afar Liberation Font headed by Sultan Ali Mirah. The group is composed of old and young weakened by hunger and thirst wandering for several days. They were slaughtered in cold blood in full day (15 hours) by the Somali militias of USF and Djiboutian soldiers disguised as militiamen.

The crime took place in areas of Aisha-Adda, healer and Guest (Somaliland) near the border with the Republic of Djibouti. A dozen people were lucky to have survived in the midst of this massacre.

A day will come when the justices Djibouti, Ethiopian and international require the testimony of the miracles of this genocide. They will testify to the bar to seek justice and redress for assassins. That day is near. Inshallah. Amin.

The list of victims and the identities of their descendants (children and women) who all live in Aoussa (Afar region of Ethiopia) has been published on the website of the ARDHD 2/06/05 link .

The political community « ISSA » from Djibouti, Somaliland and Ethiopia has been informed of the massacre. None of them even apologized for their brothers Afar.

A complaint for murder will be filed before the International Criminal Court and before the prosecutor in Addis Ababa.