03/12/09 (B527) LDDH : après l’attentat commis ce jour à Mogadiscio, la LDDH lance un appel bouversant à la communauté internationale pour qu’elle mette un terme aux crimes de guerre qui sont commis contre les populations du sud de la Somalie en particulier, dans des régions sous contrôle de l’AMISOM

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La Ligue Djiboutienne des Droits Humains (LDDH) lance un Appel bouleversant pour que les Instances internationales se mobilisent afin de mettre fin aux Crimes de Guerre, aux massacres aveugles des populations du Sud de la République de la Somalie, encore, arbitrairement occupée par les Forces d’AMISON.

Dans des situations d’occupations, il est difficile de discerner la Vérité.

Des Enquêtes internationales s’avèrent plus que nécessaires, afin de mettre fin aux massacres des Journalistes Engagés à Mogadiscio.

Que Dieu garde en Paix le Peuple Somali et les libère de l’Occupation des Forces Etrangères de l’UA.


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Press Release
3rd December 2009

KAMPALA: Two journalists killed in Somalia in suicide bomb attack

The number of journalists killed in Somalia has once again risen today when two journalists, Mohamed Amin Adan Abdulle, reporter for Radio Shabelle, and Hassan Zubeyr Haji Hassan, known as Hassa Fantastic, cameraman for Al-Arabia TV, died in a suicide bomb attack whilst covering an important graduation ceremony in South Mogadishu. This incident highlights once again the dire reality facing those seeking to document and monitor the situation on the ground and the need to bring an end to a culture of impunity that enables such acts of violence to occur almost unabated.

The explosion took place during a graduation ceremony for 43 medical students of Banadir University being held at Shamo Hotel, located in one of the few areas of Mogadishu currently under the control of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and only 1 km away from the base of the African Union force in Somalia (AMISON). At least three government Ministers of the TFG are reported to have been killed in the attack but the exact numbers of fatalities, primarily believed to be students, is not yet clear.

Around 40 other people are reported to have been wounded, including several other journalists. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack although it appears to have been targeted at the TFG.

“The general insecurity in Somalia, along with targeted attacks on journalists, are forcing an increasing number of journalists underground or forcing them to leave the country. What will happen when the only few remaining voices on the ground still able and willing to speak out against ongoing violations are silenced once and for all’ says Abdukadir Ahmed Olad, a Somali journalist in exile.

Somalia is at present one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists.

Today’s events bring the number of journalists killed in 2009 alone to eight, three of which were victims of targeted killings most notably Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe, Director of Radio Shabelle who was killed on Sunday 7th June 2009.

Attacks on journalists have occurred at the hands of all the parties involved in the conflict although in 2009 have primarily been carried out by Al-Shabab.

“Today’s tragic events highlight once again the importance of bringing an end to decades of lawlessness and violence in Somalia. Key to this will be ending the culture of impunity that has allowed ongoing attacks and killings to take place without any form of accountability let alone redress.

These events must be condemned but the international community must also put in place the mechanisms that will ensure independent and impartial investigations into such blatant rights violations” says Hassan Shire Sheikh, Executive Director of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project ( EHAHRDP). “Ending impunity will also be key to ensuring the protection of journalists and other actors key to the future of the country.”

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