24/05/08 (B449) Press TV : les forces islamiques tuent 9 pirates et en capturent 4 autres qui devraient être jugés selon les lois islamiques. ICU fighters kill nine pirates in Hobyo (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Fighters from the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) kill nine pirates, who had stormed a Jordanian cargo ship off the coast of Hobyo in Somalia.

ICU fighters pursued the pirates, who were heading towards Haradheere region in Hobyo on foot after ransacking the ship. Nine pirates were killed and four others captured, said the Press TV correspondent in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

« These men will be punished according to the Islamic law, » a senior ICU leader told our correspondent.

Meanwhile, armed bandits attacked a truck near the town of Jowhar, 90 kilometers northeast of Mogadishu, killing three civilians and injuring four others. The bandits were also reported to have raped two Somali women.

A spokesman for Al-Shabaab fighters, ICU’s military wing, vowed to capture the bandits, saying they would not escape justice.

ICU is fighting against the interim Somali government, which has been ruling the country since 1991. The government is backed by Ethiopian troops, who are held responsible for the death of thousands of Somalis, many of them civilians.

16/04/08 (B443) Press TV Iran : deux navires de guerre américains arrivent au Somaliland, après l’offre qui leur a été faire pour le Président Dahir Rayale Kahin, de leur offrir la possibilité d’installer une base navale dans le pays. – US warships in Somaliland for naval base (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Two US warships have arrived at Somaliland after the ruler of the self-proclaimed republic offered to host a US naval base there.

During US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ visit to Djibouti late last year, the US military expressed interest in security coordination with Somaliland government that can offer greater potential for US military presence in the Horn of Africa nation.

Somaliland welcomed the US initiative.

Dahir Rayale Kahin, president of the former British protectorate that broke away from war-torn Somalia in 1991, said he wanted the US to put a military base at the northeastern port of Berbera as part of efforts to win international recognition, Press TV correspondent in Somalia reports.

Kahin, who visited Washington and hosted the top US diplomat for Africa early this year, also expressed high hopes for finding oil in his land.

A planned auction of oil licenses will give priority to US oil companies holding concessions from the 1980s, he said.

Somaliland’s president, Kahin, took office when Somaliland founder Mohamed Ibrahim Egal died in 2002. Kahin, from the minority Gadabursi clan, was elected the following year with a margin of just 80 votes out of 490,000.

16/04/08 (B443) Press TV Iran : Le parti Asmara d’opposition en Somalie accepte des discussions avec le Gouvernement de transition soutenu par l’Ethiopie / Somali opposition agrees to talks (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Insurgency has made Somalia unstable.

Somali Asmara opposition party has agreed to open talks with the Ethiopia-backed interim government, after it expressed hope for peace.

Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, head of Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia based in Asmara, confirmed the report in a press conference in Djibouti Wednesday, adding he was placing no conditions on the inter-Somali talks even though the situation « has not changed » and « the Ethiopian troops remain in Somali soil ».

He also expressed readiness to offer help to bolster security in Somalia for the sake of putting an end to the daily violence involving civilians.

However, Sheikh Mukhtar Robbow, spokesman for al-Shabaab — the most powerful opposition group in Somalia — dismissed the talks, saying they will continue to fight.

Robbow also warned the current African Union forces in Somalia known as AMISOM — made up of about 2,300 troops from Uganda and Burundi — to leave the country within days.

« We don’t want you in our country… we are not even happy to see your dead bodies in our beautiful land, » Robbow warned during a phone conversation with Press TV correspondent in Somali.

Also in the latest violence in north Mogadishu, government soldiers opened fire on a bus carrying more than 22 civilians, seriously injuring seven innocent people.

08/04/08 (B442) Press TV Iran : Pendant que des milliers de somaliens fuient la capitale, 14.000 militaires éthiopiens ont investi le pays. De grosses inquiétudes sur un affrontement très dur entre les éthiopiens et les tribunaux islamiques. 14,000 Ethiopian soldiers enter Somalia (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Thousands of Somali citizens flee their homes as more than 14,000 Ethiopian soldiers have entered the East African nation’s territories.

Over 9,000 of the troops with armored vehicles are heading to the Capital, Mogadishu after crossing the border, a PressTV correspondent reported on Monday.

There are grave concerns about heavy clashes between Ethiopians and the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) fighters in the area between Afgoye (less than 250 Km away from the Capital) and Mogadishu where thousands of displaced people are living in refugee camps.

Warning leaflets have been distributed in the camps, urging the people to leave the place as clashes may erupt any time.

It is also reported that over 5,000 other Ethiopian Soldiers have reached near Belet Weyne town, the Hiiraan regional capital in central Somalia.

The citizens of the region are also fleeing their homes to save their lives because of a highly volatile situation.

02/03/08 (B437) Press TV Iran / Somalie : les insurgés kidnappent un déput dans le district Rage Aele au nord de Mogadiscio et tuent 6 gardes du corps. Insurgents kidnap Somali official (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Insurgents have attacked the Rage Aele district in north Mogadishu, kidnapping the district’s deputy chairman and killing 6 bodyguards.

The insurgents armed with automatic rifles reportedly took the chairman to the hideout of an Islamic Courts Union officer, Moaliim Hashi Mahmud between Jowhar and Rage Aele, informed sources told a Press TV correspondent on Saturday.

Somali insurgents have also gunned down an officer in his home in the Medina district last night.

On Saturday, the Ethiopian army used airplanes to transfer the bodies of more that 59 soldiers mostly killed in the Towfiikh District Base.

Thousands of Somalis have been killed in fighting between insurgents and Ethiopian troops supporting Somalia’s shaky government over the past 14 month.

The interim government, backed by the Ethiopian soldiers, is battling rebels in Mogadishu who were driven out of the city last year.