08/04/08 (B442) Press TV Iran : Pendant que des milliers de somaliens fuient la capitale, 14.000 militaires éthiopiens ont investi le pays. De grosses inquiétudes sur un affrontement très dur entre les éthiopiens et les tribunaux islamiques. 14,000 Ethiopian soldiers enter Somalia (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Thousands of Somali citizens flee their homes as more than 14,000 Ethiopian soldiers have entered the East African nation’s territories.

Over 9,000 of the troops with armored vehicles are heading to the Capital, Mogadishu after crossing the border, a PressTV correspondent reported on Monday.

There are grave concerns about heavy clashes between Ethiopians and the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) fighters in the area between Afgoye (less than 250 Km away from the Capital) and Mogadishu where thousands of displaced people are living in refugee camps.

Warning leaflets have been distributed in the camps, urging the people to leave the place as clashes may erupt any time.

It is also reported that over 5,000 other Ethiopian Soldiers have reached near Belet Weyne town, the Hiiraan regional capital in central Somalia.

The citizens of the region are also fleeing their homes to save their lives because of a highly volatile situation.