24/03/10 (B543-B) Somaliland Press : President of Djibouti is accused of murder // Le président de Djibouti est accusé de meurtre (En Anglais avec VOA et AFP))

A Djibouti businessman and opposition figure filed a civil lawsuit in Paris against President Ismael Omar Guelleh for serious crimes that include murder and extortion, he and his lawyer said Tuesday to the French news Agnecy AFP.

Abdourahman Boreh, who has headed a large infrastructure compnay and other public bussinesses in Djibouti, accused the president and his wife Khadra Haid of murder, kidnapping, torture and extortion.

According to Boreh’s lawyer, Olivier Morice, Boreh “has been the target of threats and intimidation by Djibouti authorities, which forced him to flee Djibouti in autumn 2008.”

In press conference in Paris, Mr. Abdurahman Boreh said he was victim of multiple extortion attempts and was forced to suspend his business in the country. At first the attacks targeted his assets and businesses but it escalted to to target his business associates and family members, two of whom died in suspicous circumstances, Morice said.

Mr. Boreh’s nephew has been found hanged at his home in February 2009. Also his cousin died after being detained and tortured in prison Gabode and another cousin is incarcerated for a year, Morice added.

Mr. Boreh, who has dual citizenship of France and Djibouti, detailed number of events that forced him out of the Djibouti. He accuses the Djiboutian government of arbitrarily detaining his staff including the General Manager of one of his companies, Soprim Construction, who has a Canadian citizenship, and its chief accountant who is from India.

“I’ve lost more than 30 million dollars (22 million euros) and I no longer have any commercial activities in Djibouti. I had to close down everything,” Boreh told AFP.

The aim from extortion and political pressure is to prevent Mr. Boreh from running in the upcoming presidential election next year, according to Olivier Morice.

Mr. Boreh lawyer, Olivier Morice, also defended the interests of Elizabeth Borrel, widow of French judge Bernard Borrel, whose corpse was found half-burned in a ravine in Djibouti in 1995.

For years, Judge Borrel’s affair strained relations between Paris and its former colony, where France has its largest military base abroad with nearly 3,000 men.

A Djiboutian court declared the incident as a suicide. However, Judge Borrel’s wife Elisabeth Boreel, herself a magistrate, believes her husband was assassinated by Djibouti authorities and accused the French government of covering-up the truth to protect its strategic interests in Djibouti.

In other development, Mr. Boreh in interview with VOA, warned from changing the constitution to extend presidential terms. Parlimenat in Djibouti is expected to make a decision on whatether the current two terms presidental limit should be extended to three terms. Recently, President Guelleh was quoted as saying the people of Djibouti are demanding a change to the constitution which will extend presidential term limits.

14/06/09 (B503) Djibouti pourra-t-elle être sauvée après le départ de Guelleh ? (Par référence à ce qu’est devenue la Somalie après le départ du dictateur Siad Barreh qui a ruiné le pays et qui avait distillé tous les ingrédients pour une guerre civile qui dure maintenant depuis 1991 et dont on ne voit toujours pas la fin.) // Could Djibouti be saved after President Guelleh ? (Somaliland Press – Info lecteur – En Anglais) *** Article recommandé

Having been running the country just like Ziad Barre, could Djibouti spared after President Ismail O. Guelleh?

Some would definitely argue positively and others say never Djibouti would end up like Somalia. Although they might not come up with any rational explanation what will make Djibouti different than other collapsing countries, and they might not as well come up with a solution to avoid similar fate, though, some of us will debate the opportunistic, power hungry and irresponsible so-called opposition parties, those are the alternative.

Part of us would still naively think France to be preventing a civil war. Not knowing the same French elites (Multinational Companies: MEDEF, French government and DGSE) are praying the destruction of Djibouti; ever since the President proclaimed ‘Djibouti is no longer needs France’, on Jeune Afrique magazine. And their influences are slipping out of their hands – and a French company, Bolore, lost the bet of the International Ports of Djibouti to DP.WORLD of Dubai. They are known indirectly undermining our sovereignty and purposely encouraging Eretria to occupy Djibouti’s territory – and planning to put a satellite Government, someday.

Nevertheless, the President starts employing the outdated and destructive political theory of ‘Nicola Machiavelli, ‘how to maintain the power through divide and conquer’, (the Prince). Mr. Guelleh’s politics came down to turning one nation (tribe) against another. And his Government ceased to function when they are unable to provide basic needs – such as electricity and running water for the last two months or so; also ministries failed to deliver proper services until one paid a bribe: buying lands; renewing ID’s or getting low-income-housing; unless one lean on a mountain or be one – as they called it locally, in the other word, have a relative on high places in the government: nepotism.

The Government’s non functioning bureaucracy becomes a pattern, under his leadership, that’s disgustingly sad. This though has been strange for the Djiboutian, who accustomed of getting services without hassle, under the Previous Government of President Gouled (May Allah bless his soul).