26/09/04 (B265) Communiqué en Anglais d’AFAR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION IN UK.

Note de l’ARDHD

Nous publions ce communiqué
à la demande des auteurs. L’information n’est pas en ligne direcete
avec notre Combat qui est centré sur la restauration des D.H. et de
la Justice à Djibouti. Mais certains de nos lecteurs sont aussi intéressés
par la Culture et par les informations qui concernent leurs appartenances
et leurs traditions.

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E-mail: afar_community@hotmail.com

12/09/04, London
Community News UK

Last week, members of
the Afar Community Association in UK celebrated for the Afar Boys circumcision
party. The event took place in Tower Hamlets, at Mulberry Sports & Leisure
Centre. Mr. Adan Bodaya, Chairman of the Afar Community Association in the
UK said that the event has been organised by the Afar Community Association
in the UK with the object of improving and promoting the social cooperation
and solidarity amongst the Afar community in the UK ». Providing facilities
and encourage the holding such social event is Afar Community Association’s
objective for the purpose for promotion of Afar families and community socialisation
in the UK, said Mrs. Fathia Moussa Bukao, treasurer of the ACA. « Responsibility
for and compassion toward the Afar children in the UK is a matter of the ACA
importance » said Mr Abdo Yousouf, Secretary of Culture, Sports &
Leisure Affairs of the ACA in the UK.

The names of circumcised

Houmed Daoud, 1 year old, Adou Abdou Yousouf, 1 year old, Bodaya Adan Bodaya,
5 years old, Samir Khalid, 5 years, Hassan Houssein Aden 8 years old, Houssein
Abdou Youssouf, 2 years old, Ali Abdoulkadir, 5 years old and Warsama Reyaleh,
6 years old.

Appreciations: Boys

Mrs. Aicha Houmed Gaba, Mrs. Hikmat Mohamed, Mrs. Anissa Dimbio and Mrs. Mariam
Hamadou , said that we are very happy and so glad because our lovely Boys
circumcision Party has been organised in professional way, and in very beautiful
place as well. We extremely enjoyed a life time social celebration. We would
like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Afar Community
Association in UK for its charitable services which have been provided us,
they added.