04/08/07 (B407) Communiqué de presse, en Anglais, émis par AFAR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION IN UK, pour relater la dernière réunion qui a été organisée fin Juillet en Angleterre au London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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Londres le 3 août 2008

The Afar Community Association in UK has recently organized the first UK Afar Cultural Event in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.The aim of the event was to bring together the dispersed and divided Afar Community living in the UK, to celebrate and raise awareness about Afar heritage and promote community cohesion by building links with other communities, service providers and local Authorities to meet the needs of the Afars in the UK.

Mr. Abdo Youssouf, the President of ACA said that the event has brought together considerable numbers of the Afar community, local people from diverse cultural backgrounds, other voluntary and statutory service providers, cultural organizations and representatives from Ethiopian Diplomatic Mission in London.

The Afar Cultural Celebration Event was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Councilor Mohammed Shahid Ali. Speeches were delivered by the President of ACA Mr. Abdo Youssouf, Ms. Karen Zamboni, representative from UK Overseas Development Organisation and Volunteer Coordinator Mr. Adan Bodaya. We were delighted to see Mr. Roberto Zamboni, a former Manger of Bank of Italy who specially came to London to participate in the UK Afar cultural Celebration Event said Mr. A Bodaya.

The event will promote intercultural understanding and community cohesion; increase participation and involvement, self-confidence and social solidarity amongst Afar Community in the UK and promote participation said Mr. Houmed Mohamed, Secretary of ACA.

The event will have a multiplier effect by enabling access of isolated and disadvantaged members of the community to existing services. It would be really good to see more events in future, said Mr. Sadik Mohamed Rouffa,

This kind of event will help people to extend access and participation in the Community, said Mr. Abdourahim Houmed Gaba Maki the Deputy Secretary of culture of ACA.

This celebration will provide opportunities for people to get involved and participate in the life of the community, said. Mr. Daoud Houmed.

Mrs. Kadiga Houssein Aden – I believe the event will sustain a healthy community sprit, help to extend access to preserve our cultural heritage and history in the UK. It was really wonderful! It will help to increase skills and creativity of all participants, said Zahra Kassim.

It was amazing! So, there is no doubt that this will help to increases cultural awareness, understanding of the Afar heritage and its contribution to the heritage of the UK, said, Mr. Ahmed Yacin Issa, President of the Afar Friends in Sweden.

This event will promote better understanding of different people, places and cultures in the local community and to increase involvement from people who face barriers to participation, said Mrs. Asya Omar, from Afar Friends in Sweden.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and thankfulness to our funder-Awards for All- and supporters such as Ms. Karen Zamboni, Ms. Catherine Dempsey, His Excellency, Ambassador Mohamed Moussa Chehem, Mrs. Aicha Dabale, Mr. Ayfarah Abadallah Hamado, Mr. Omar Hadbar, Mr. Sadick Mohamed Rouffa, Ms. Zahra Kassim Chehim, Mrs. Kadiga Houssein Aden, Mrs. Fatoum Abdo, Mr. Ali Abdallah, Mr. Abdourahim Houmed Gaba Maki, Mr. Daoud Houmed, Mr. Houmed Mohamed Ali, Mr Ahmed Shehim, Mr. Abdo Youssouf, Mr. Abdallah Mohamed Sheik, Mrs. Fatouma Seik Ali, Mr. Ali Abate, Ms. Zahra Halloita (Arafo), Ms. Halima Helaf, Mrs. Aicha Houssein Mohamed.

We also wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Eritrean Saho Cultural Association in UK, Departure – Community Arts Centre, Sir William Burrough School in Tower Hamlets and Afar Friends in Sweden for their great support. Without their support we would not be able to organise such wonderful event.

We wish good progress, growth and development for the Afar Community Association in UK.