03/09/07 (B411) SH Network : Violents combats dans la nuit en Somalie – Heavy fighting erupts overnight in Somali Capital. (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

Mogadishu 02, Sept.07 ( Sh.M.Network) A heavy fighting broke out in Mogadishu late last night and in this fighting both the fighting groups exchanged different kinds of weapons including rocket propel grenades, motors , and both heavy and light machine guns.

The actual place where this confrontation happened was around the textile and milk factories. This fighting was between the government forces and the opposing groups who attacked the military bases in these places.

The number of casualties could not be verified because it was in the mid of the night.

When Shabelle Media Net Work contacted this morning the police spokes person Mr. Abdu Wahid informed Shabelle that unknown groups attacked government forces garrisons and in response the government forces defended themselves.

Mr. Abdu Wahid also said that in their side they got no lose at all, and search operations are under way in the scene of last nights fight.

However day after day the attacks carried by the armed groups against the government forces is rising

The troubles that were happening in the city for the past one week claimed the lives of 20 people.