23/02/08 (B436) Garowe on line : Après que le Général Gabre Heard (Forces d’occupation Woyanne) ait giflé cette semaine, par deux fois, le Président du Gouvernement somalien par intérim, Meles Zenaoui convoque, à la surprise général, l’ancien Premier ministre somalien Ali Mohamed Gedi, qui avait démissionné. Woyanne summoned former Somali PM to Addis Ababa (Info lecteur -En anglais)

After a Woyanne general bitch slaps the Somali president twice in the face this week, Meles has summoned former Somali prime minister to Addis Ababa for talks. Can it get any more bizarre?

(Garowe Online) – The former Prime Minister of Somalia’s transitional government, Prof. Ali Mohamed Gedi, flew unexpectedly to the Ethiopian capital Wednesday amid much speculation.

Gedi, who was fired earlier this year by President Abdullahi Yusuf, retained his position as Somali legislator after resigning from the Prime Minister’s office last October and maintains close relations with Ethiopian Woyanne government leaders, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

A reliable source in Nairobi, Kenya, where Gedi is now based told Garowe Online that he will return to Nairobi after discussions with Ethiopian Woyanne officials.

It was not clear who accompanied the former Prime Minister on this surprise trip to Addis Ababa or the real purpose of the trip, but much speculation has been associated with the visit in the Somali press.

Some reports said the Ethiopian government Woyanne is grooming Gedi to become Somalia’s next president, following general elections next year when the interim government’s mandate expires.

Other reports said Gedi went to Addis Ababa for personal reasons.

Last month, Gedi told reporters in Nairobi that he plans to run for Somali president in the upcoming 2009 general elections.

Gedi resigned after feuding with President Abdullahi Yusuf over the management of government finances and policies.

Earlier this month, UK-based The Independent newspaper reported that former Premier Gedi bought a house in the United States and had negotiated a teaching position.