22/04/08 (B444) Press TV / Somalie : les forces armées éthiopiennes tuent « à l’arme blanche » 34 civils dans une mosquée au Nord de Mogadiscio – Ethiopian army kills 34 Somali civilians.

At least 34 elderly civilians from Hawiye Clan are killed by Ethiopian soldiers in a mosque in north of the Somalia Capital, Mogadishu.

A group from the Clan has collected 34 bodies slaughtered by knives after Ethiopian soldiers attacked Al Hidaya mosque north of Mogadishu, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

The incident was reportedly filmed by the members of the Clan.

Meanwhile, a massive land mine explosion rocked Mogadishu on Monday, killing three Somali soldiers and injuring eight others according to witnesses, however, the government confirmed the death of only one soldier.

In another incident, a large number of civilians have started to flee their home as Ethiopian soldiers equipped with heavy weapons and anti-aircraft missiles are nearing south Mogadishu.

The Somali government has the backing of Ethiopian troops, who in 2006 helped drive the Islamic Courts Union from power. Since then, thousands of Ethiopian troops are occupying the country and many Somalis are increasingly beginning to resent it.

Somalia has been engulfed in flames of violence and unrest since former President Siad Barre fled the country in late Jan. 1991after a defeat by Ethiopian army.