29/04/08 (B445) Press TV : Une explosion au Sud de Mogadiscio tue trois militaires éthiopiens et en blesse une douzaine. Blast kills 3 Ethiopian soldiers

A Somali soldier stands among abandoned houses in Mogadishu.

A bomb explosion in the Siad Barre Military Academy south of Mogadishu has killed three Ethiopians and injured a dozen more.

Hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers were patrolling the area near the military academy when a remote controlled bomb detonated; killing 3 soldiers and injuring 20 more, Press TV correspondent in the Somali capital reports.

In a separate incident, a high-ranking Somali military official was gunned down in northern Mogadishu.

Over the past year, Mogadishu and its outlying outposts have been a scene of daily violence involving Ethiopian-backed Somali forces and the Islamic Courts Union forces.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, violence in Somalia has forced at least 15,000 people to flee to neighboring states since the start of the year.