30/05/08 (B449-B) PRESS TV : Les insurgés somaliens lancent des alertes sur les risques liés à un prochain engagement contre les forces éthiopiennes. Somali insurgents scare locals away (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Insurgents have begun frightening locals away in southwestern Somalia warning of their imminent engagement with the Ethiopian forces.

Hundreds of civilians began to flee as the insurgents dropped leaflets in the streets of the town of Baidoa cautioning the locals against remaining in the houses near Ethiopian bases, a Press TV correspondent reported.

In the leaflets, the insurgents had said they were about to heavily engage with the Ethiopian troops until they force them into a retreat from the town.

In the absence of a central administration in Somalia, the Ethiopian-backed interim government has been maintaining an uneasy control over the war-battered country.

The African Union Mission (AMISOM), meanwhile, said they expected attacks on their bases south of the capital Mogadishu where the locals have, as well, started evacuating their houses.