16/07/08 (B456) Press TV – Neuf soldats éthiopiens ont été turés à Mogadiscio dans l’explosion de leur véhicule – 9 Ethiopians killed in Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

At least 9 Ethiopian soldiers have been killed after heavy clashes erupted in a military base in northern Mogadishu, capital of Somalia.

The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) fighters attacked the Ethiopian base and killed the soldiers in Pasta base on Tuesday, according to Press TV correspondent.

More than 7 civilians were also killed while the two sides were exchanging fire near the military base.

A military vehicle was also exploded in the attacks, our correspondent said.

The Union of Islamic Courts says it will continue fighting until the US-backed Ethiopian troops, an occupying force in Somalia, leave the country.