04/08/08 (B459) Press TV / 37 soldats somaliens désertent pour rejoindre les rangs d’Al-Shabab après avoir réclamé la démission du Président du GNT / 37 Somali soldiers join Al-Shabab (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Some Somali soldiers desert the army to join the Al-Shabab fighters, amid calls for President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed’s resignation.

Around 37 Somali government soldiers who were trained by Ethiopian forces left the army and joined the Al-Shabab fighters, Press TV correspondent quoted the rebel group’s spokesman as saying.

Sheikh Mukhtar Rowbow Ali Abu Mansur called on the remaining soldiers to join Al-Shabab to fight the Ethiopian occupying forces.

Meanwhile, thousands of Somalis took to the streets demanding the resignation of the country’s President, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.

In another Somali development, some 10 cabinet ministers on Sunday, stepped down from their posts following a dispute between the president and Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein (Nur Adde) over the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor.

Somalia has been the scene of violence after the allied Ethiopian troops entered the Horn of Africa nation and toppled the rule of Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) in the country. The UIC wants the execution of Sharia laws in Somalia.

The Al-Shabab group is Somalia’s main oppositon militia which has been fighting the Somali interim government, the Ethiopian forces and the AU peacekeeping forces since 2007.

The Untied States has lumped the Somali rebel groups and al-Qaeda militants together, a claim that is rejected by the group.