04/08/08 (B459) Press TV / Les protestations et les démissions se multiplient pour demander la démission du Président du GNT Yussuf Abdillahi. / Somali MP urges president to step down

A Somali lawmaker has criticized President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed for his mismanagement of the country and demanded his resignation.

Speaking to journalists Abdi Abdullah denounced Yusuf Ahmed for not delivering on his promises and failing to bring back law and order to the country, Press TV correspondent said Monday.

The Somali representative also accused Yusuf Ahmed governments of corruption, embezzlement and power abuse.

Abdullah’s remarks come in the wake of a dispute between the Somali Premier Nur Hassan Hussein (Nur Adde) and the president over the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor Mohammed Dheere – a close ally of President Abdullah Yusuf – last Tuesday on the grounds of fraud, incompetence, insubordination and abuse of power.

The dispute led to the resignation of 10 cabinet ministers who stepped down in support of the Somali president, on Sunday.

Somali prime minister, however, appointed six new ministers to fill some of the vacant seats in his cabinet after their resignation. Nur Adde is also accusing Mogadishu’s Mayor of orchestrating killing of civilians in the Somali capital.

Meanwhile, thousands of protestors on Monday, took to the streets demanding the president’s resignation. The demonstrators called on the international community to issue arrest warrants for Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed and the mayor of Mogadishu.