20/08/08 (B461-B) Press TV / Des obus éthiopiens de mortier tuent 28 civils à Mogadiscio. Signe que les accords signés à Djibouti ne sont pas suffisants pour réduire la violence actuelle – Ethiopian mortar shells kill 28 civilians (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

At least 28 civilians have been killed in Mogadishu after Ethiopian forces began shelling the city stadium and the surrounding districts.

Towfiikh, Gupta, Laba Dhagah, Ali Kamiin, and Hamar Bile were engulfed in heavy fighting as the Ethiopian soldiers used mortar shell against Somali insurgents who were said to bring in more than 3000 forces.

About 29 houses were flattened by heavy mortar shells, reported Press TV correspondent from Mogadishu.

Meanwhile, the Bakara Market which is usually the site of bloody fighting was targeted by 13 Ethiopian shells, with no injuries or damages reported so far.

In another development, heavy clashes in Harayale District between government-backed militia men and the Somali insurgents claimed 21 lives including 6 civilians.

The fighting began when the government-affiliated militia men began looting the houses in the area.

A UN-sponsored peace deal signed between the Somali government and a number of opposition figures in Djibouti has apparently failed to reduce the level of violence in Mogadishu.