08/09/08 (B464) Shabelle et Daily Nation /. Deux officiers de police kenyans et trois autres personnes tués à la frontière somalienne, lors d’un raid de bandits probablement infiltrés à partir de la Somalie, sur le camp de Mandera. Two Kenyan soldiers killed on Somalia border

Two Administration Police officers and three other people were killed when bandits raided their camp in Mandera District on Sunday.

The raiders, suspected to have entered Kenya from Somalia, fled with four G3 rifles and more than 200 rounds of ammunition when they hit the camp in Alungu location.

Reports indicated the bandits were hired by leaders of a clan that has been involved in a dispute with another, over the Mandera Central District boundary.

Mandera police boss Akello Odhiambo appealed to area residents to volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the bandits.

In Marakwet, a peace meeting was disrupted at the weekend when bandits shot at a provincial administrator.

Marakwet district commissioner Joseph Otieno had convened the meeting at Kapterit trading centre, near the border with Pokot Central, but as he alighted from his vehicle, bandits, who were hiding in a nearby bush, shot at him.

Mr Otieno dived down and crawled into a maize field as his bodyguards fired back.

There was pandemonium as people who had come for the rally fled in different directions.

Mr Otieno had convened the meeting following increased crime in Kapcherop Division in Marakwet West constituency.

Speaking to the Nation, the DC said the shooting was unfortunate. It was evident criminals were operating in the area with impunity, and had declared the area their zone, he said.

According to area police boss Dido Galgalo, a contingent of armed security officers has been deployed to track down the bandits.


The DC blamed his shooting to influence from local leaders, whom he said were opposed to his style of leadership.

The administrator was recently locked in a conflict with the local leaders and residents of Kuserwo location.

The residents had protested at the DC’s office, calling on him to resign over destruction of the Kipkunur public forest in the area.