18/10/08 (B470) Shabelle : de nouvelles tensions dans les villes somaliennes au fur et à mesure où les forces armées somaliennes et éthiopiennes franchissent le seuil d’intolérance. // Somali town “tense” as troops cross the threshold (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

By: Abdinasir Moh-Guled

Tension is high in the town of Burhakaba of Bay region, after armed Ethiopian troops came into it after days of fighting on their way to Baidoa town from Mogadishu.

The residents of the town say that also armed Somali troops moved out from Baidoa town arrived in the same as armed Islamist fighters in the town as fears of fighting came at fence.

« There is fear in the town that the clashes will start because two opposed sides in the town, » said a local resident, who requested to reveal his name for security reasons.

The two sides, he added, were in preparation of fighting as the Islamists stay around the town.

The town locates 190 kilometres (120 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu.

Other sources say the people in Burhakaba spotted eight Russia made Ethiopian cars and lorry vehicles in the town with Somali army commanders.

It’s unknown if the Ethiopian backed Somali troops will depart from the town or whether they will stay there.