06/12/08 (B477) Shabelle. Un officier de policer, qui commandait le commissariat de Wadajir, se rend aux forces Al Shaabab. // Somali police commander surrenders to insurgents (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Captain Adan Mohamed Yusuf (Adan Bolis), the commander of Wadajir district police station, surrendered to Al-shabab on Friday.

He held a press conference in Mogadishu and declared that he surrendered to Al-shabab militants.

« The country is under occupation, that is why I have decided to join Islamic fighters, »Captain Adan Said. There is no one that forced me to join Al-shabab. He added.

The captain came with a pick up truck that Somali police use. The car was marked with the Somali police logo.

He told reporters that he was going to work with the insurgents to free the country from what he called occupiers.

Somali government soldiers often defect from the government and some of them surrender to the insurgents.

Somali government soldiers do not get salaries and they often rob civilians.