22/03/09 (B491) Shabelle / Somaliland / Les professeurs somaliens se plaignent de ne pas recevoir leur traitement. // Somaliland school teachers complain lacking salaries (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Many school teachers complaining about lacking salaries have gathered in front of the ministry of education in Hargeisa the capital of the breakaway republic of Somaliland, Shabelle’ Tajir reported on Saturday.

The teachers said that they took no salaries for last three months and said that it had affected their families saying they had written a letter to the Media of Somaliland requesting Somaliland president and the government to solve their complain.

“There is money that is taken from the parents of the Students and we get only some of that money which is not enough to the life of our families. Most of that money is divided by the managers and head of the ministry of the education,” some teachers said.

The teachers expressed concern about giving nothing to their families saying that the families have also been refused to lend anything from the shops in Hargeisa city.

They lastly suggested for the Somaliland administration to respect the teachers and solve their complains as soon as possible to cover the needy of their families.