04/05/09 (B497) Nouvelles de Somalie … ( 5 articles en Anglais et en Français)

________________________________ 5 – All Africa (En Anglais)

Le Gouvernement érythréen déclare qu’il ne reconnait pas le nouveau gouvernement somalien èlu à Djibouti. // Somalia: Eritrea Says It Does Not Recognize Government

Eritrean information minister Ali Abdu has said in an interview with the BBC on Monday that his government does not recognize the transitional government of Somalia denying accusations that it deployed illegitimate weapon into Somalia.

Mr. Ali Abdu said that they don not recognize any government in Somalia replying accusations suggested to Eritrean government yesterday (Sunday) by Somali government that it had illegally deployed weapons in the Islamist controlled areas in southern Somalia adding that he did not like to give respond to a person claiming government position.

Asked about whether Eritrea supports the Somali Islamist opposition groups against the transitional government, the Eritrean information minister replied that they support all the parts of the Somali people to end the political deadlock and reach peace and solution.

The statement of the Eritrean information minister Ali Abdu comes as the Somali national security minister Colonel Omar Hashi Aden accused the Eritrean government deployed weapon unlawfully in Lower Shabelle region in Southern Somalia.

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Des éléments des forces de sécurité présidentielles soupçonnées d’avoir « vendues » quatre camions d’armes aux milices islamistes d’Al Shebaab, aux termes d’un accord secret. // Somalia: Presidential Security Forces ‘Sell Armed Trucks’ to Al Shabaab

Somali government security forces aboard four armed trucks escaped from the Villa Somalia presidential compound on Friday with the goal of selling their weaponry to Islamist hardliners, Radio Garowe reports.

A security official at Villa Somalia who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed the report that the soldiers belonged to the Villa Somalia security force, guarding the palace where President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed calls home alongside African Union peacekeepers.

« The soldiers made a secret deal with Al Shabaab to sell four trucks and the big guns on top, » said the security source.

A businessman at Mogadishu’s Bakara Market said armed trucks with government insignia were seen around the market, which has been a stronghold of Islamist rebels since the Ethiopian intervention.

A government spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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Un leader de l’opposition, le Cheickh Aweys rejette la proposition d’organiser une rencontre, qui lui a été transmie par le Président somalien. // Somalia: Sheikh Aweys Rejects to Meet With Sheikh Sharif

A leading opposition figure in Somalia has rejected calls to meet with Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Radio Garowe reports.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who was the Somali President’s ally in 2006, told reporters Sunday in the capital Mogadishu that the new government in Somalia is intended to defeat the Islamists.

« I cannot think of a reason to talk to [Somali President] Sheikh Sharif, who is being used to destroy Islamists in Somalia, » Sheikh Aweys said, adding: « We are open only to talking with the international community. »

Sheikh Aweys noted that he does not believe that the new government works for the interests of the Somali people, but is « certain that the new government is in the pocket of the international community and is being used. »

He rejected meeting face-to-face with the UN-recognized Somali President, who was elected by parliament in January at the conclusion of UN-sponsored peace talks in the neighboring Republic of Djibouti.

Yesterday, President Sheikh Sharif told a press conference in Mogadishu that Sheikh Aweys should join the peace process. READ: Somalia’s leader condemns attacks, but avoids blaming groups

Sheikh Aweys, who is on the U.S. terror list, returned to Mogadishu last month after spending more than two years exiled in Eritrea.

He has demanded the withdrawal of African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) who are in Mogadishu to support President Sheikh Sharif’s weak interim government.

________________________________ 1 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Le Gouvernement somalien accuse l’Erythrée de faire entrer des armes sur son territoire. // Somali government accuses Eritrea of bringing weapons to the country

Somali government has accused Sunday Eritrea that it brought illegal weapons to Somalia and that the government would take an appropriate step against the illegal weapons.

The security minister of the Somali government Col. Omar Hashi Aden who held a press conference in Mogadishu accused Eritrea that it brought weapons on Tuesday and Friday to Belli Dogle airstrip in Lower Shabelle region.

He said that Eritrea started to send into Somalia planes loaded with weapons and added that it refused to give weapons to the Somali insurgents during the Ethiopian occupation, but now arming Somali factions.

He requested from the world to stop Eritrea of bringing weapons to Somalia and threatened that his government would do something about the illegal weapons.

He also said that Eritrea is never pleased and does not want Somali government.

There are no independent sources confirming about the weapons being brought into Somalia except the accusations of the minister.