26/08/09 (B513)  Afar Forum – Communiqués en Anglais

___________________ Communiqué N°1 – Objectifs


Postfach 2119
D-64336 Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

AF e.V., Sparkasse Stuttgart
Konto No. 551108400
BLZ : 600 400 71

e-mail: afar_forum@yahoo.com

Objectives of the Afar Forum.
Objectifs du Forum Afar

1. The Afar Forum should be a free dialog platform for all Afars.

2. Freely discuss the social, economic and political situation of Afar people and make its contribution to promote a better understanding and sustainable development in the region.

3. In emergency cases, it provides aid assistance and works with NGOs and other friends of Afars to reach this goal.

4. In conflict situation within Afars and neighboring nationalities, be instrumental to find a peaceful means to solve the problem. Further the AF will be active in peace building and encourage co-existence and co-operation in the region.

5. Overall Afar Forum works towards a peaceful co-existence and sustainable development in the Horn of Africa that in turn improves the life situation of Afar people.

6. The Afar Forum advances public and awareness creation regarding the plight of Afar people.

7. Promotes Afar cultural heritage and establish network among the Diaspora.

8. The Afar Forum Association is neither denominational nor political; it follows exclusively the goals of its statute.

__________________ 2 – Réunion des membres du comité exécutif,
le 18 juillet 2009 à Stuttgart (De)

The purpose of the meeting was:

To discussion what the AF in Germany reached so far and what the next step forward should be.

At the end of meeting it is determined that:

  1. The registration of the AF as an Association, as advised and proposed in the Brussels meeting, is completed in the month of May 2009. The Objective of the registered AF Association, which the original is written in German language, is translated in English and attached for your information.
  2. The AF account is opened at the Commerzbank Stuttgart, Germany:
    Account No 551108400
    BLZ 600 400 71
    IBAN DE29600400710551108400
  3. As proposed and decided at the AF association foundation meeting in Stuttgart in December 2008, membership contribution should be Euro 5.- or equivalent in other currencies, a couple of AF members made their yearly contribution and others are to follow. This membership contribution amount could be adjusted or confirmed when the next AF meeting will take place in 2010.

Having determined the above points the AF in Germany

  1. Would like to officially inform all AF friends and members that the AF is registered as an Association in Germany and that the AF account is opened as stated above.
  2. Advice that the AF members in the various countries in Europe and America , organize themselves and elect their executives.
  3. It is Proposed that those elected executives form various countries shall meet, through various means of communication to elect in return the Main AF Executive of AF. This elected Executive body then be the official body that will representative AF in all its official duties; the body will Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasury and Auditors. May also have an extended executive members, like study groups. This executive body will then be replaced or confirmed at the AF meeting which is planned to take place in 2010. When and where the meeting will take place should be coordinated and decided by the Main AF executive to be elected now.
  4. We believe that the Afar Forum should not waste time and wait until another meeting, like the one In Brussels in October 2008, take place and elect it’s leaders. Due to the fact the Afar Forum member and friends in Diaspora are spread all over the world, it would be very effective if the AF members in each county are organized so that faster communication and action takes place within the various leaders. . The AF Executive may appoint individual in various countries to recruit and facilitate membership.

The Afar Forum in Germany has fulfilled the task which was proposed and advised by the Brussels AF meeting in October 2008.

The Afar Forum Association is officially established in Germany with its office in Stuttgart and also opened an account.

The executives entrusted with registering AF Association in Germany has completed its assignment that is necessary to fulfill the legal requirements, In future, the current executive of the Afar Forum in Germany shall be accountable as all other Afar Forums executives in the various countries are accountable to the Main Afar Forum Executives.

We hope to see and hear from friends, members of the Afar Forum make comments to our proposal or submit a better suggestion for further discussion.

We don’t want to stay on the spot!

We want and need a progress forward!

By the way, the current executive members of Afar Forum Germany are as follows:-
Mohammed Ahmed Dini, Chairman
Omer Haish, Vice Chairman
Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, Treasury and
Abdulkadir Taha, Secretary.
Yahya sommade and Hassan Moussa are elected as Auditors.