16/08/09 (B511) The report Deberkalleh in English (continued – ENG 5 -)

Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l’assassinat des vieillards et d’enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l’article – 2005)

English version
of Deberkalleh "report"

Part 5

Analysis of personality Guelleh, which explains its handling of the conflict and not keeping promises.

The IOG president is someone who either by nature or by training, is suspicious, calculating and manipulative. He was especially very afraid of being manipulated himself by third parties.

This is certainly related to an "ego" which reached rather inordinate megalomania, but also because he has not followed through the normal curriculum of school youth.

Subsequently, driven in particular by his wife (Khadra Haid), he enriched his education. Self-taught he has learned to better meet the needs of its ambitions.

Besides his training in the French police (RG), he completed internships at the Somali security (The famous NSS) and training of several months in the service of cons-Russian espionage (ex – KGB) in Moscow. It was during the early years of independence.

It was then that he learned the foundations of Soviet methods for managing people. They made him famous because it allowed access to the office of head of state.

Expert in manipulation, distortion and "dirty tricks", he went very far in the art of foot-cons and deception. Has mastered the art of building schemes and arrangements as complicated and artificial, it succeeds more often to mask its real aims, which destabilizes him and allows him to retain control.

His obsession was to seize power (something that has been very successful so far) and most of them maintain "discretion" or "strength".

The end justifies the means fully inhuman he uses, he will not hesitate to be so cynical liar and that this has become second nature. A permanent state of mind which determines its approach to relations with others regardless of context or issues ..

On another level, he must know that i. O.G. is an inveterate hedonist who appreciates alcohol (his favorite bottle of whiskey is always "CHIVAS" although officially gave the appearance of a repentant Muslim). Luxury and lust are powerful engines for him. Especially if he can obtain, in addition, a political advantage over his opponents. He never hesitated to violate the dignity of man and father (see his current wife the Khadra Haid, ex-wife of former Prime Minister). The relationship he had with her when she was still married to a personality "politics." Do boasted he had not played this trick on the Afar before his buddies …

Loves to live, he will stop at nothing to satisfy their needs more normal as the most vile. Among the latter are in very good position, a thirst for gain and ambition rather than pathological devour and burn steadily.

He is convinced that the more he raises money and property, the more it increases your strength and power.

That’s probably why he has no curiosity and that it is interested only in matters likely to provide direct personal enrichment.

It’s a beast, a great beast, who knows hunt and to kill. This predatory instinct, he puts at the service of his wealth and his desire to dominate others. He uses it to counter and if necessary, to permanently eliminate those who try to oppose his interests and his political ambition.

In some cases, external observers believed they had found his inability to operate a financial bonanza, political, social or more generally a situation that would have benefited, it is clear then that reason is simply that it had received more favorable financial proposals of the other.

Management and governance of a state, country or people, it has a security approach (for him!). All records and all that business deals are usually analyzed from this angle, with a priority for business which will generate an immediate benefit (readers I’auront understood!).

This last point probably explains the Islamic radicalization of Djiboutian society established in recent years. To IOG, promote the development of ideas and actions of reactionary Islamists in our region, was anything other than the counterparty to pay for benefits in the form of loans and grants from the Arabian Peninsula or d ‘fundamentalist organizations.

However, he only managed daily. Totally devoid of any political vision forward, which characterizes the major heads of state, he encounters great difficulties when it comes to determining the choices and policy directions for the future. Similarly it is unable to anticipate the storms ahead.

He is content to manage day to day political confrontations within his government, because he has been able to predict or anticipate.

However, an excellent opportunist, he has no qualms about turning to go in the direction of the wind in the first place. This allows him to give himself time for reflection. In addition it allows him to confuse the other party’s intentions and the final surprise by a sudden turn, he has the secret.

More clever than truly courageous, it becomes really timid and even cowardly when its interests are challenged. To avoid a confrontation that would not know if he did not manage the force at his disposal, it becomes extremely accommodating when a political situation turns against him or he is facing a strong personality really determined to thwart it in his plots and manipulations of the most vile.

You should know that a strong and determined opposition puts him immediately at a disadvantage. In response it will make temporary concessions and medium-sized to step back. But be careful, man is vindictive. Its apparent decline is a comedy that he will use to regain its momentum. It will take all kinds of action to be taken for a moderate and to give arguments to the other party (cf the signing of agreements with Ougoureh Kifleh one hand and the other with Ahmed Dini. Peace his soul). But he should know that this attitude is a facade and deception and it never applies the promises he made, if they are contrary to its interests.

This aspect of his personality and not less. He is totally convinced that nobody has the legitimacy to oppose his wishes. He can not imagine to leave impose something by someone. He is a believer in the strength and cunning that he constantly uses to defend its positions. It does not really support, worse, he hates the cultural habit of Djibouti which led them to discuss and question the acts and decisions of their political leaders.

For him, even if it corresponds to the traditional values of our democratic pastoral areas (the tree or inside the Daboyta) it is inappropriate to the modern city. It rejects all forms of democracy. For him it is a heresy intolerable, especially when his authority or his government were implicated in this process.

It is easy to predict that the future democratic opening that he had committed to implement, has no future! Be aware that it will soon dress totalitarianism coating sham democracy in its own way … and that by posting an opening, he will instead strengthen its grip on the country and implement solutions to ensure the sustainability of its power and its "slot machine" …

This is probably what led her attitude at the meeting in Nairobi (Somali Reconciliation), intended to advance or resolve the Somali crisis through discussion. (Cf a setback for his strategy, as has been noted at the time. But he has not dropped since it organized the conference in Djibouti and the election "contested" the new President)

I.O.G. is a dictator "mafioso". He has confidence in him and he believes in his talent as a leader and man of his intelligence. He is convinced he is always right and they can always succeed in any situation, which he would face.

Yet, while clever and has a highly complex and very worried, he has no qualities that have made outstanding political figures. Pace its propaganda agents in Djibouti and in the sub-region.