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E1 1HL
Telephone No: 44- (0) 2073776353
Alternative No: 44-(0) 2077906046
E-mail: afar_community@hotmail.com

15 February 2005


Afar Community Association in UK is now officially recognised
by the British Government as a Registered Charity.

Firstly, we are very pleased
to inform that the Charity Commission for England and Wales now satisfyingly
and delightfully approves the governing document of the Afar Community Association
in the UK and it has been entered in the Central Register of Charities for
England and Wales. Becoming a registered organisation, like thousands of others,
will help facilitate the needs of the Afar Community in the UK and to successfully
achieve sustainable charitable objectives and aims set out in the Article
3 of the ACA.

Secondly, we would like
to highlight that the Afar Community Association in UK "ACA" shall
be a voluntary, self-help, social and cultural oriented non-profit making
organisation. It shall be a strictly non- political organisation. It shall
operate both inside and outside England and Wales; e.g. Europe-United Kingdom-
Africa- Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea.

Thirdly, the organisation
is governed by the constitution adopted on 20 November 2003, as amended on
15 January 2005. Its objects are as follow: – "to relieve poverty, in
particular, but not exclusively, for the Afar Community by the provision of
advice on education, employment and health advocacy and representation in
the interest of social welfare with object of improving the conditions of
life for the said inhabitants. 2- To advance the education of the Afar Community
by the provision and training on subjects such as, literacy classes for adults
and the Afar language and to provide general advice, information and support.
3- To advance education in the Afar traditions and folklore by the provision
of cultural and social events. 4- To promote any charitable purposes for the
benefit of the public as the trustees or management committee determine from
time to time".

Moreover, the Association
was not only set up to address the needs of the Afar community in the UK but
also to address the needs of the all Afar people in the Horn of African States.
Also, notably, it is not only representing the Afar people and their traditions
and folklore but also it is representing the multicultural societies of the
Horn of Africa. It is a fact that, both Management Committee and members of
the organisation is made up of individuals who came from four different countries
such as Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. The Membership is open to
all Afars and for those who accept and support the principles and objectives
set out in the Article 3, and the terms and conditions of membership of Article
5 paragraph (a).

Furthermore, the MC of
the ACA would like to work closely in partnership both with governments and
statutory institutions of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, UK and the Afar Regional
State in Ethiopia, and Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA), Afar
Friends in Sweden and UDC in Djibouti in particular, and with NGOs voluntary
sectors in general to; advance education and culture; relieve sickness, poverty,
and famine; and promote good health and social well being of the Afar people
and of those who are disadvantaged in society. Similarly, we wish to establish
friendly co-operation with the people of the Horn of Africa to develop the
exchange of information, advice, and experiences and to facilitate the needs
of our people.

Additionally, this organisation
is for all Afars and for those who are fully committed to accepting and supporting
the fundamental principles and objectives of the ACA. The service of the ACA
is open to anyone regardless of their nationality, sex, agenda, political
opinion, religion and social status. Discrimination on any grounds is prohibited.

Besides, the ACA unites
and links the Afar community divided between boroughs of London; connect the
Afars to other local communities and statutory service providers. This organisation
does not belong to any particular individuals or group. It belongs to all
Afars. All members shall have the right to express their view freely and democratically.
We are encouraged all Afars living in the UK to fully involved in the ACA

Should you have any comments,
suggestions, or complain, please do feel free to come to the Community Centre
to discuss the matters with the Management Committee at any time you may wish
to do so. The MC is very happy to help or deal with your enquiries.

Finally, we would like
to convey our gratitude to the Bridge House Trust and S.t. Katherine &
Shadwell Trust for their financial assistance that has been given us to set
up the Afar Community Association in UK. We also would like to express our
thankfulness to the Community Organisation Forum for Tower Hamlets and the
COF Staff for their friendly co-operation and unlimited assistance that has
been, and is giving us. Special thanks go to all members and friends of the
ACA both in the UK and overseas for their practical support and advice, which
have been given us to develop the efficiency and structures of our organisation.

Community Association in the UK