27/07/06 (B360) L’approvisionnement de la Somalie en armes à partir de l’Erythrée : un phénomène qui dure depuis longtemps. A relire cette dépêche de la BBC en anglais, datant de juin 1999 !

Mystery arms ship arrives in Somalia

Reports from Somalia say that a ship carrying weapons destined for one of the country’s main faction leaders, Hussein Aideed, has docked at the village of Fah.

It’s the second such ship to arrive in Somalia in as many months.

The origins of the vessel are unclear, but the previous ship was reported to have been chartered by Eritrea.

Its arrival comes amid growing fears that Somalia is being dragged into a proxy war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the Rahanwein Resistance Army has released thirty two prisoners of war captured when it took the town of Baidoa from supporters of Hussein Aideed last week.

One of them told the BBC he’d been held by Ethiopian forces. Mr Aideed’s supporters have repeatedly accused Ethiopia of backing the Rahanwein Resistance Army.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service