28/11/06 (B371) Sh Network / Somalia’s Islamists to invite international Islamists in the country par Aweys Osman Yusuf. Les tribunaux islamiques invitent les musulmans à les rejoindre pour participer à la Guerre contre l’Ethiopie (Info lecteur – En anglais)

28, Nov.06 ( Sh.M.Network) – A huge rally organized by Somalia’s
Union of Islamic Courts has taken place in Mogadishu, the Somali capital,
where several hundreds of people have assembled to demonstrate against Ethiopian
military intervention.

demonstration has taken place at “21 October Square” known as
Tarebunka where rally makers were chanting anti-Ethiopian and American slogans.

Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed,
the Islamic Courts executive council leader and Sheik Yusuf Mohammed Siyad
Indho-Adde, the Courts’ senior security officer, were the senior Islamists
who delivered speeches at the rally, telling the rally makers that time of
war with Ethiopia has come.

Speaking at the rally, Sheik Yusuf Indho-Adde reiterated that Union of Islamic
Courts would invite foreign Islamists to Somalia, if they have to, to fight
with Ethiopian troops in the country.
“If a war begins, we will ask international Islamists (Jihadists) to
come to our country to take part in jihad (holy war) with the enemy once the
arms embargo on Somalia is lifted”, he said.

The Islamic Courts head for education department, Fuad Mohammed Khalf, who
also spoke at the rally, said schools and universities would be closed down
if a war between the Ethiopia and Islamists started. “Hospitals, media
and business places will only be allowed to open”, he said, adding that
students are required to participate in the jihad.

Fears of war have escalated
after the Ethiopian government revealed it had completed preparation for war
with Somalia’s Islamists by deploying larger numbers of fresh Ethiopian
troops in the country.

Islamists have massed
their fighters near the Ethiopian border where both troops are facing off.

Somalia’s Islamists
seized most central and southern of the country, including the capital Mogadishu
where they defeated warlords after fatal battles in which nearly thousand
people lost their lives.

Islamists have accused
the United States government of intending to approve a lift of the arms embargo
on Somalia, alleging that if the sanction were lifted, a war, which will be
regional, would start in Somalia.