27/03/07 (B388-A) BBC – Les principales routes du Nord de la capitale de Mogadiscio, sont coupées à la suite de l’explosion de deux Bombes près d’une base éthiopienne (En Anglais – Info lectrice) Road to Somalia’s capital closed

The main road north
from Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu has been closed by troops after two bombs
exploded, near an Ethiopian military base.

A passing taxi-driver was killed after Ethiopian troops opened fire.

The attack looks
set to threaten an unofficial ceasefire in the capital between the Ethiopian
army and elders from the main Mogadishu clan.

The ceasefire had been in effect since Friday following two days of heavy
fighting last week, which left 20 dead.

Soldiers are carrying out checks on the closed section of the road following
the overnight explosions.

Somalia’s transitional government is led by President Abdullahi Yusuf, who
is neither from Mogadishu, nor its Hawiye clan.

Ethiopian troops have been gradually handing over responsibilities to an African
Union force which has been deploying to Mogadishu this month to try and bring
stability to the city.

The interim government has blamed remnants of the Union of Islamic Courts
(UIC) for escalating violence in the capital.

Somalia enjoyed a six-month lull in the insecurity that had dogged the country
for the past 16 years when the UIC took power last year.

But insecurity has returned to the city and the UN estimates some 40,000 people
have fled from Mogadishu since February.