19/04/07 (B391) BBC / Somalie : l’ancien Ministre (démissionné) Hussein Aideed annonce son déménagement en Erythrée et se prononce en faveur du retrait des forces éthiopiennes de Somalie. (En anglais – info lectrice) Somalie alliance opposes Ethiopia.

Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Aideed has formed an alliance opposed to Ethiopia’s
presence in Mogadishu.

Mr Aideed announced the move in the Eritrean capital and called for a probe
into Ethiopia troops whom he accuses of genocide since arriving in December.

Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed and former parliament speaker Sharif Sheikh
Aden were also in Asmara at the launch.

Some 1,000 people have died during recent fighting in Mogadishu described
as the worst in 16 years.

Ethiopia and America accuse Eritrea of supporting insurgents in the capital,
Mogadishu, who are opposed to the transitional government.

« We also want the transitional government to be held accountable for
the deaths of innocent civilians in Mogadishu, » Mr Aideed told reporters
in Asmara.

The UN refugee agency says some 200,000 people have fled Mogadishu as government
and Ethiopian soldiers battle insurgents – both Islamists and local Hawiye
clan militias.

Mr Aideed, a former warlord and an influential member of the Hawiye clan has
called on Ethiopian forces to leave Somalia signalling sharp divisions in
the transitional government.

On Tuesday, a meeting of the Somali parliament in Baidoa voted to expel 31
MPs currently in Asmara.

Ethiopia says it has started to withdraw some of its troops from Somalia and
will gradually hand over responsibilities to the African Union force.

So far only 1,200 Ugandans have arrived, of the planned 8,000 strong force.

Eritrea and Ethiopia fought a border war several years ago and tensions remain
fraught between them.