27/04/08 (B445) Press TV : L’Ethiopie soutient la conférence entre le Gouvernement somalien et le Groupe d’Asmara pour parvenir à une solution / Ethiopia supports Somali-Asmara talks (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Ethiopian government is to support talks between the Somali government and Asmara groups allowing Somalia to solve its own problems.

However, many Somalis are angry at Ethiopia’s new stance saying the Ethiopian government has so far foiled any attempts at Somali unity and has never supported talks in the past.

On the other hand, opposition groups are saying the unlawful Ethiopian presence in Somalia must be addressed, demanding troop withdrawal and the prosecution of those they believe to be responsible for the genocide in Somalia and the displacement of nine million innocent civilians.

The opposition has named General Gabre Heard, in charge of Woyanne occupation forces in Somalia, and his officers as some of those responsible for the atrocities in the African nation, Press TV correspondent in Mogadishu reports.

They are also calling for the release of the thousands of incarcerated youths captured on the Somali-Kenya borders.