12/05/08 (B447) Press TV : Les forces armées éthiopiens « débarquent » un Gouverneur éthiopien, au motif que ses proches étaient très bien armés. Ethiopians remove Somali governor (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Ethiopians collected at least 2000 guns

Ethiopian troops have removed the governor of central Somalia’s Hiiran district from his post and disarmed his supporters, a report says.

Hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers marched into the main town of Balet weyn in Hiiran district and asked governor Yusuf Ahmed Hagar and his supporters to surrender and lay down their guns, a Press TV correspondent reported Sunday

Hagar and his supporters refused to give in first, but the soldiers managed to take the governor’s headquarters and beat his supporters.

The Ethiopian army disarmed Hagar and his supporters collecting at least 2000 guns and 21military vehicles.

They said they would appoint a new governor for the region who is due to come soon from Baidoa.