12/05/08 (B447) Press TV : Sept morts à Mogadiscio dans des accrochages violents – 7 Somalis killed in Mogadishu violence (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Daily life is intertwined with violence in Mogadishu.

Ethiopian troops and Somali presidential guards have killed seven civilians in the latest round of violence in the capital Mogadishu.

At least three Somalis were killed as Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on civilians in a road leading to the Ethiopian troops’ base in Mogadishu Stadium, Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday.

The dead bodies are said to be still lying on the road, since Ethiopian troops do not allow anyone into the area.

Also on the same day, Somali presidential guards killed four other people in south Mogadishu. No one knows the cause of the bloodshed.

Somalia plunged into lawlessness after the 1991 toppling of dictator Mohammed Siad Barre and has had no effective central rule ever since.

Chaos and violence dominate the country with an especially fierce insurgency going on in Mogadishu.