16/05/08 (B447-B) PRESS TV : Une escadre franco-américaine composée de 4 navires de Guerre a rejoint Mogadiscio pour y débarquer des soldats, sans que l’on puisse en savoir plus pour le moment. Ils ont rejoint sous la protection de 19 hélicoptères l’aéroport international où ils ont rencontré les responsables de l’AMISOM et des troupes gouvernementales. US, French warships arrive in Somali (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

More than four American and French warships have reached the Somali capital, Mogadishu, dropping soldiers in the southern coastal city.

The reason for the presence of the vessels off the Somali coast remains to be seen, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Upon arrival, the soldiers left for the Adden Adde international airport where they later met with African Union Mission (AMISOM) soldiers and Somali government troops.

Meanwhile, more than 19 helicopters, reportedly guarding the troops on their way to the airport, set the locals ill at ease.

There are, however, fears of a violent outbreak as fighters from the armed opposition group Al-Shabaab and Union of Islamic Courts (ICU) fighters were at the same time moving towards the airport.

In the absence of a central administration in Somalia, the Ethiopian-backed interim government has been maintaining an uneasy control over the war-scarred country.

The Union of Islamic Courts has vowed to keep up their fight against foreign forces in Somalia including those from the AMISOM, Uganda and the Ethiopia and have said they were determined to force Ethiopian forces out of the country.