18/05/08 (B448) 13 journalistes somalilandais traversent la frontière et se réfugient en Ethiopie pour mettre un terme aux menaces et aux exactions dont la profession est victime. Some 13 journalists working in Somalia crossed border to Ethiopia fleeing intimidatiion (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Some 13 journalist serving in government and private media in Somalia crossed border to Ethiopia fleeing intimidations and persecutions of Al-Shabab.

The journalists who entered the country told WIC yesterday that Al-Shabab has currently been murdering journalists working with concerned bodies striving to bring peace and order in that country.

The terrorist group does not want activities of the Somali Transitional Government, African Union (AU) troops and other institutions working to bring peace and stability in that country to be reported in a balanced and fair manner.

Mohamed Nor Mo’alim, a journalists serving in the government radio station stated that he was repeatedly threatened to death for reporting the efforts of the Transitional Government towards ensuring peace in Somalia.

Kadar Shardi Ahmed, from Radio Somali Weyn on his part expressed that his father and brother were murdered by Al-Shabab group for producing programs of immense importance for the country’s peace and stability.