19/05/08 (B448) Press TV Au moins 6 civils somaliens tués par les forces éthiopiennes – Le Groupe Al Shabaab annonce qu’après la prise du contrôle d’Harardheren, il va se porter au secours du cargo jordanien capturé par les pirates. Ethiopian forces kill 6 Somali civilians (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

At least six civilians have been shot dead by Ethiopian forces near Baidoa, Somalia and their vehicle set alight after the shooting.

According to several witnesses in Baidoa, all of whom refused to give their names to a Press TV reporter, Ethiopian forces often retaliate after clashes with insurgents by killing innocence civilians. At the weekend it was reported that at least 91 Ethiopian troops were killed in clashes.

A great deal of military activity is in progress in and outside of city of Kismayu, 500 km away from the capital. The Islamic Court Union fighters are getting support from the locals who live between Kismayu and Gilib, the last town that they captured.

Al Shabaab fighters have also arrived in the city of Harardhere after the locals asked the fighters to drive out the forces supporting Somali’s government. Government militants have dropped their weapons and run away from the city according to a witness.

Al Shabaab spokesman Sheik Mukhtar has confirmed that his fighters are in the control of Harardheren and said that his next mission is to capture the pirates who seized a Jordanian ship Saturday.