27/05/08 (B449) Press TV : un Commandant somalien des forces islamistes rejette les résolutions des Nations Unies pour tenter de ramener la paix dans le Paix – Somalia’s ICU rejects UN resolution (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali’s ICU commander, Abdullahi Hersi has rejected a UN resolution that could see UN peacekeepers sent to the war-wracked African nation.

« We are totally against any foreign force to be deployed in Somalia to replace the Ethiopian invaders, » said Hersi, the leader of the Islamic Courts Union battling Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

We call upon the Somali people to be prepared for an open war against the enemies of Allah — the foreign forces that are being proposed, » he said.

« We do not recognize the so-called United Nations because it serves the interest of the Americans. »

The Security Council on May 15 unanimously adopted a resolution opening the way to a gradual return of UN staff to Somalia and possibly resulting in the deployment of peacekeepers there.

The resolution, drawn up by Britain, urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon to develop plans « for the possible deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Somalia to succeed AMISOM, » the African Union (AU) force currently based there, « taking account of all relevant conditions on the ground. »

« We are Muslims and we do not ask infidels to keep peace in our holy land, » Hersi warned.

« It is time for war and self-defense not time for negotiations. I believe the only solutions we have now is to go to that war, » added Hersi.

Somalia has been wracked by conflict since 1991, when dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted.