13/06/08 (B451) Message relayé par Jean-Paul Noël Abdi (En Anglais) pour rendre hommage à un travailleur humaniraire Mohamed Abdulle Mahdi, tombé avec son chauffeur, hier, sous les balles de tireurs inconnus/

Dear all

The killings and targeting the Aid workers became normal issue In Somalia  Mohamed Abdulle Mahdi, a civil society activist and head of Women and Child Care (WOCCA) a local NGO that is based in Jowhar Somalia was shot and died yesterday by unknown gunmen also his car driver was died in Mogadishu.

Accurately what is happening in Somalia is very tear full and sorrow because when you are going out for work you don’t feel safety because you can be targeted any time by any body even if you are helping the community in need.
Sorry to inform you this sorrow news but I hope you will share with me