16/08/08 (B461) Press TV / Les forces éthiopiennes d’occupation ont tué, dans différentes régions, plus de 100 personnes dont une majorité de civils somaliens. Mostly civilians among 100 Somali dead

Ethiopian soldiers have killed nearly 100 people in different parts of Somalia, mostly civilians, including women and children, a report says.

Sixty four civilians were killed in the Arbes district near Afgoye, about 30 kilometers south of the capital Mogadishu, a Press TV correspondent relates.

He adds that in addition to those killed in Arbes, more bodies are being found in wooded areas. The corpses being recovered are mostly those of women and children shot from behind while escaping Ethiopian gunfire. The children are aged between 5 and 7, according to the correspondent.

In another incident, heavy fighting is taking place near Daryel Bulsho Guud (DBG) humanitarian headquarters located between Km 13 and the Garas Baley district in Mogadishu.

According to our correspondent, a group of insurgents attacked Ethiopian soldiers who were on foot. As per witnesses accounts, he says, the insurgents left the area, but Ethiopian soldiers killed five aid workers inside the DBG building.

The officer at the DBG, a German Agency, confirmed that fighting again broke out in Garas Baley district. The Ethiopian soldiers reportedly killed at least six civilians and injured at least four Somali women.

Eight huge explosions were also heard in the same area, our correspondent relates.

In yet another incident, Ethiopian and Somali soldiers attacked Cinema Somali in the Waberi district and killed more than 13 teenagers.The correspondent says these young boys were football fans enamored of UK’s Manchester team but not insurgents.

Meanwhile, an eye-witness, Amiin Hassan Nur, told the Press TV correspondent that armed men killed 11 Somali soldiers in a huge explosion in Taleh Street. He added that the situation in south Mogadishu has become very dangerous, the worst area being Km 13 and Km 17.